New work – Liquid petals

So here’s the fruits of last week’s labours: a pair of images featuring a line of crystal glassware.

The basic premise was to to create a feeling of a breezy summer day by the sea for the champagne flute, and a warm evening on a city terrace for the red wine glass. I was thinking of adding a liquid splash, but give it a bit of a twist by creating that motion and splash using flower petals.

I knew it was possible with some careful planning and some clever post work, so I set about shooting the static glass, and then gradually adding petals in motion which were frozen in flight with a Broncolor pack set to a short flash duration.

Careful blending of a few base exposures in post gave me a starting point for the liquid, and then around 30 petals were masked in for each image to create the shape of the pour.

I think the result links in well with the original concept of a summer’s day and evening by the sea, and the petals nicely suggest the motion of liquid being poured into the glass.

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