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New work – Glass blowing studio

Some stills from the studio of Mariella mcKinley as she produced some of her wonderful work.

New work – Fluid dynamics

These little creatures are my latest personal series. They aren’t quite sure of their place in the world yet, but they’re on their way to find out! No CGI here – these photos were made with a sine wave generator, an audio amplifier, a speaker and a solution of cornstarch and water. Cornstarch and water [...]

New work – Daniel Emma

Just finished up a nice little series with the aid of product designers Daniel Emma, whose boundless excellence can be seen gently emanating from their beautiful old house near Port Adelaide, and thus far has made it’s way as far as London, Tokyo and New York.¬†They recently picked up the 2010 Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery [...]

Amanda King – Glass artist

One of the great things about my job is that from week to week, I get to work with some astoundingly talented people. One such person, Amanda King, recently asked me to help document some of her work for an award submission. I didn’t really know what to expect when I arrived, so you can [...]

Capturing Coffee

I love coffee. Can’t get enough of the stuff. I realised though, one day over my obligatory morning cup, that I had never really given it the attention it deserved, photographically speaking- espresso really is a spectacularly odd liquid, and the way it looks, changes and moves is marvelous when examined closely. I set about [...]

New promo image – Brilliance

Start of a new series methinks, and it’s going on my new cards! Now to find some more silly switches and dials…. any suggestions?

Folio foibles

For the last few weeks I’ve been in printing mode. After a bit of a run working on new images, the time felt right to re-do that holiest of holies to the commercial photographer, the book! I’ll go into more detail about the book itself in a forthcoming post, but I just wanted to relay [...]

New work – Liquid petals

So here’s the fruits of last week’s labours: a pair of images featuring a line of crystal glassware. The basic premise was to to create a feeling of a breezy summer day by the sea for the champagne flute, and a warm evening on a city terrace for the red wine glass. I was thinking [...]

Carpal tunnel

Big week of retouching. New work to follow soon. Glass + complex comp = crazy photoshop layer stack!

New work – Smashing!

Another in my series of “Three vaguely round things shot from above” (working title, ahem). This shoot was criminally good fun, and although it was quite a challenge to break things in a visually interesting way, it was nice to be a bit haphazard with the styling to give it an ‘accidental’ feeling. I wanted [...]